Nerja Save the Date

A Save the Date that is also a travel poster.
When I was asked to do a Save the Date, I wasn't really sure to approach it, as I had never done one before. But seeing the style of my work, a concept evolved into making it into a European travel poster from the 60s & 70s. I wanted to bring some of that vintage feel and merge it with a modern design aesthetic that you find in popular minimalist posters.

After doing some research on Nerja and the event space where the wedding was going to be held, I knew I wanted to use the foliage as a motif. I wanted to use the leaves to give it a sense of mystery while also bringing out the natural elements of the space. I wanted the invitee to feel like they were being invited to something special and adding the leaves as design element, gave it the feel of VIP party in a far off place.


A Spanish abode

I used the actual event space for the front of the poster and used the foliage in the foreground to give it an air mystery, like being invited to a secret VIP party.


Adding natural elements

For the back of the invitation, I wanted it to be clean, dark and really have the type jump off the page. I decided to use the leaves to give it consistency and help give it some depth the highlight the date.