Dollar Shave Club - Big Cloud

The cloud campaign
Helping to develop a cohesive look and feel for the release of the Big Cloud skin care line.
Dollar Shave Club has created a line of skin care products which they dubbed Big Cloud and are being released for the summer of 2020. The challenge was to create a campaign around this new release that pushed a sophisticated aesthetic while capturing the need for skin protection with it's clientele.

We needed to develop a number of concepts & assets for their upcomign emails that spoke to the DSC brand, which was light and funny but also gave the impression that skin care is important and should be taken seriously.
I came onto this project a few emails in as the Senior Art Director and Designer. I worked with the Copywriters, Creative Directors and 3-D artists to help carry on the aesthetic that was developed and push this project over the finish line while maintaining the look and feel that was established.
  • Art Direction
  • Concepting
  • Key Art
  • Animation
  • Wireframing
  • UX Design
  • QA

Inspiration & Concepting

Building upon some key elements

The creative was already established and wanted to have a distinct look that mixed beautiful modern product photography with bold yet fun messaging.

Product Renders

Skin care on display

For this project we had the help of a talented to 3-D artist who could take rough concepts and turn them into beautiful renders that gave the products the sophisticated setting we were looking for.

Heroic Header Images

Setting the tone for the email

The header image was the part that really grabbed the recipients attention and we needed some visuals that did just that. I helped develop ideas that move viewers and make them want to learn more about the products.

Whiteboards to Wireframes

Designing the email top to bottom

I next had to put together how the email would be stuctured. This entailed coming up with wireframe sketches that would organize the flow and how those product modules would display.

Elevating Emails

A gallery of the finished emails

Here are a few of those final emails that I helped design that really embody the Big Cloud aesthetic we were going for.

Putting it in Print

Big Cloud for Mel

I also had to create some print pieces for the monthly Mel Ad that accompanies the contents in each subscriber box. The ads were intended to promote the benefits of the Big Cloud skin care line.