Hitwise 3.0

I wanted to help bring out the beauty of data visualization while making it clear and easier to understand.
Hitwise has a large amount of user data and needs a platform that can deliver insights to its customers. Users need to be able to keep track of their performance, their competitor's performance and share those insights with members of their team.

Hitwise 3.0 is a redesign of their consumer intelligence platform with the added ability to create audiences and measure their engagement through online sales. The evolution of the product would include algorithmic intelligence to deliver to clients insights about fast moving competitors, key words they should be bidding on how to invest their marketing dollars.
“By analysing our competitors’ traffic and clickstream data, we infer and quantify their media spend by channel, such as paid search, paid social and affliate activity. Hitwise data gives us a very good indicator of this. It’s a basic requirement that every Marketing Director needs to know about.”

Nick Bamber, Digital Marketing Director


Charting a new path

Data driven visuals

Data visualization is a necessary tool to making the data come to life. For the redesign, we had to give our users beautiful charts that were clean, clear and easily editable. With that in mind, we came up with a look and feel that would really lend itself to the job at hand and giving our users something intuitive that they would want to share with fellow team members, clients and executives.

A custom experience

Unique to each use-case

Hitwise has a wide variety of client needs and we wanted the experience to be targeted to each individual use-case. Whether you were trying to just keep an eye on the rank of competitors, find rising search terms, or build custom audiences, we designed the experience to be geared toward each individual need.

Synchronizing style

Drafting a design system

The Hitwise style guide is a robust system of rules for design elements like icons, colors and shapes as well as guidelines for handling charts, components and in-app messaging.
What I like about Hitwise is that you get an objective view of what’s happening. It’s a healthy data set that everyone feels good about.
Sam Bloom, General Manager

Top notch tracking tool

Measure performance accurately

Hitwise 3.0 needed a tool that could measure website performance accurately by delivering the data clearly while motivating users to share their insights. We called this tool the Profiler and it gave users the ability to search any site and its performance metrics.

The big release

Introducing Hitwise 3.0

Hitwise 3.0 was offically released in October of 2019. We were happy to hear that clients were extremely satisfied with the new look and feel and we look forward in evolving the product further in the months to come.