Hitwise Branding

I wanted to help bring out the beauty of data visualization while making it clear and easier to understand.
Hitwise needed an entire brand relaunch which included a product update, a new website, new collateral and all new digital assets. The product and all the marketing materials had to sync with their design, their messaging and their overall aesthetic.

I would balance UI design in the project with the overall new brand identity. This would include a design system for the product, a style guide for the brand and new look and feel for both the digital assets and collateral.
“By analysing our competitors’ traffic and clickstream data, we infer and quantify their media spend by channel, such as paid search, paid social and affliate activity. Hitwise data gives us a very good indicator of this. It’s a basic requirement that every Marketing Director needs to know about.”

Nick Bamber, Digital Marketing Director


Improving the platform

Transforming the product

The biggest challenge was improving the platform from its current state. It needed to be rethought from an experience stand point and then come up with a completely revitalized UI.If you would like to see more, check out the Hitwise 3.0 project.

Digital footprint

Creating cohesive assets

We also needed some digital assets to capture in bound leads as well as communicate to our users a new product release or the latest piece of content we were releasing. The emaiils and landing pages had to match the brand aesthetic that we had already established as well as offer a clear tone that serves as the brand voice.

The Hitwise website

Crafting a digital footprint

The Hitwise website was a challenging project. We had to showcase the product while explaining clearly how are data methodology worked to promote clients marketing campaigns. We decided to highlight the four areas where we thought that was most effective; Competitve Intelligence, Consumer Insights, Search & Audience Activation.

Collateral collection

Putting it together in print

Hitwise publishes a number of reports, one-sheets, & white papers each month and needed a consistent look and feel to push the brand identity. This also required coming up with good data visualization and a clear way to break down and explain the data. We created a look and feel that really leant itself to the important insights we were sharing with clients.

Style Guide

Developing a consistent look

The style guide is the glue that holds all of these brand components together. We had to come up with a unifying color palette, a font that works across ui, web, and print applications and an overall brand tone that leant itself to our core values.