Hitwise Custom

Hitwise wanted a product that could bring custom insights to their clients on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis via analyst.
Hitwise needed a product that catered to a specific set of their client base that wanted their insights monitored by a Hitwise analyst and delivered to them on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This would allow customers to have their list of websites, industries, or audience monitored by a professional analyst and reported back to them regularly.

To achieve this service for our clients, the analyst would need a dashboard that would allow them to monitor all of their outgoing exports, attach files to those exports, and correspond with clients directly from that database. Here are some of the designs I put together to allow our analysts to perform these functions clearly and efficiently.
“By analysing our competitors’ traffic and clickstream data, we infer and quantify their media spend by channel, such as paid search, paid social and affliate activity. Hitwise data gives us a very good indicator of this. It’s a basic requirement that every Marketing Director needs to know about.”

Nick Bamber, Digital Marketing Director


All-in-one dash

A home for analysts

Analysts need a multi-functional dashboard where they can view their daily, weekly and monthly exports to their clients. They need to know which clients are being updated, when they’re being updated and have the ability to confirm those updates.

Managing accounts

All your files accounted for

Hitwise analysts need to see all of their clients files in one place where they can manage them easily. They need accurate accounting for the types of files that are going out on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis so they can manage their clients needs appropriately.

Exporting efficiently

Getting those insights out

Hitwise clients need clean & clear exporting for their reports. We give them the ability to take their charts and tables and customize them in a PDF format and then send them to team members, clients, & executives.

Client coordination

In-app messaging ability

The buiilt in messagaing feature allows analysts to communicate directly with their clients so they know exactly when those are exports are arriving and allows them to make up to the second changes so they are always getting the data they want.