Property Matrix UI

Property Matrix needed a product to help everyone in a building to work harmoniously. So I came up with a design for that. .
In a world that is becoming more and more digital by the moment, tenants, landlords and building managers need a more efficient way to pay their bills, communicate with each other, and fill vacancies. We needed to create a product that would allow users to do all of that in one platform.

We needed to create a desktop and mobile app that would allow tenants to pay bills and log maintenance requests, allow building managers to set up profiles and fill vacancies quickly, and allow landlords to schedule and receive their lease payments in a timely manner.
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Management made easy

Building a solid foundation

Starting from scratch, we needed a solid layout where users could find their buildings, units and tenants easily. We needed a good way to organize the many spaces that would be on the platform and allow users to navigate, filter and search optimally.

All accounted for

Easy online transactions

The cornerstone of the platform was going to to its online bill pay system. We needed an interface that was easy for users to set up and hopefully never have to worry about again. The users would be rountinely notified when payments were made successfully and if they weren't they would be prompted to resolve the issue.

Making it mobile

It’s all on hand

After developing the desktop platform, we took aim at simplifying everything for a mobile device. This meant truncating the experience so it was simple and obvious and completing any task was only a few clicks away.

Brand identity

Creating a solid look

I created the logo for the company from and will be detailing the journey from early sketches to final design. To take a look at the creative process click here.

The Final Product

Bringing it all home

At the end of the day, the project was a big success. I left the company for another project shortly after completing the launch of the product, but from what I understand growth is steadily growing and the company Property Matrix continues to staff up to meet it’s growing needs.

Style Guide

A clean and clear design

The Property Matrix style guide is a simple system of rules for design elements like icons, buttons and fonts as well as guidelines for how to create invoices, drawers with table elements and photos of the buldings and units.