Property Matrix Branding

Property Matrix needed a logo to go along with their product.
A start up I was working for was getting launched in the property management space and needed to create a brand identity. The product was to be called Property Matrix and its function was to create a space where tenants, landlords, build managers, and staff members could communicate, engage in commerce and handle all tasks digitally. It needed a logo.

I had to come up with a number of approaches as to what would make a good logo for this brand. I would start researching what competing brands looked like, then come up with some of my own concepts. Once submitting a number of those, hopefully we can narrow our focus and decide on a look and feel that summed up the brand aesthetic.

Getting Started

Coming up with a motif

My starting point was the term "matrix". There’s a couple definitions I found;

1. an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.

2. something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form

My plan was to marry something more abstract like a matrix with something more literal like a building and create a workable motif. I envisioned something with 3-dimensional shapes like a cube or hexagon and allowing the more familiar images to sit inside of them.

Laying Out Concepts

Idea iterations

Next I started drawing up monochromatic concept designs, focusing primarily on shape and form.

The Final Design

Adding a little color

I decided on the iconic house image as my focal point and to use it as negative space while bringing in color to give it some depth.

Here are some other logos I've designed