So, who am I?

"If everything yells for your viewer's attention, nothing is heard."


If you are reading this about section right now, you have probably either been contacted by me for some future employment opportunity OR you've happened to just stumble upon this page via some strange LinkedIn algorithm (lucky you). Either way, I pride myself in not wasting time. So, lets get down to brass tax - I DO DESIGN.

I love digital design but am also trained as a painter and illustrator and have lately been dabbling in landscape and interior design as well.

But you have probably already figured that out by now. Here are some other interests so you get a better picture of who I actually am.


I live in Los Angeles, CA and like to take full advantage of all that Southern California has to offer; surfing, snowboarding, & landscaping.


I am from New Jersey, South Jersey specifically (go Eagles!) and went to school at Rutgers University..

And now...,

I am a Design Director working with both marketing and the product side of the business at Hitwise. I've been a designer for over a decade and also have a background in illustration and am now expanding my digital skills in development with a working knowledge of HTML, CSS and SASS. I love improving upon a design and taking a general concept and turning into a thriving, robust system that can adapt to all future changes and evolution.