Digital Waybill UI

Digital Waybill needed a fresh design to their enhanced courier software. This is a look at the upgrade I put together.
Digital Waybill is a courier software that enables customers, dispatchers, and drivers communicate up to the minute of when a package is to be delivered. They needed a brand refresh that included a new look and feel to their UI of their mobile and desktop apps, a new website, and new packaging for onboarding clients.

I had to come up with a consistent look and feel that would tie in all of their digital assets with their marketing and packaging. I came up with a style guide that would tie in all of their digital assets across web and UI and then be able to build from that marketing collateral and packaging that would compliment that look and feel.
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Nick Bamber, Digital Marketing Director


Making it mobile

All in the palm of your hand

One of the most necessary tools for DW is their mobile app. We needed something that was easy to use that allowed folks on the delivery end to update their tracking info as well as signature and proof of delivery features. Clients needed to be able to scroll through sometimes thousands of deliveries and be able to locate them quickly.

Desktop platforms

Unique to each use-case

DW also needed a new look and feel to their desktop apps. When I was hired, the desktop platform was definitely old school and could use a modern upgrade. We gave it a dark background with the dark blue color that was it's base color.


The digital store front

Digital Waybill needed a website that clearly communicated what their software was able to achieve and how it could benefit their customers. They needed a modern look and feel that sold its potential customers on its trustworthyness and its state of the art technology.

All Purpose Packaging

All parts included

We also needed to create some packaging that would be mailed out to prospective clients enticing them to try our platform. I had to design the box, disc, disc packaging and instructions. The project was a success. We saw an increase in trial offers, general inquires and subscriptions after mailing.

Style Guide

The digital store front

The DW style guide was created to help guide developers and designers with instructions on how to treat buttons, icons, and backgrounds.